An analysis of alma chapter 13 in the book of mormon

And I pray, as we pause for these few minutes, that the Lord will bless our minds and spirits as he has so many times before in devotionals on this great campus. As I speak today, I consider my two principal credentials to be my testimony of the divine origins of the Book of Mormon and my unrelenting desire to know more about this wonderful and wondrous book.

An analysis of alma chapter 13 in the book of mormon

Saturday, April 30, Approaching the War Chapters: Part One, Causes of the War A great deal has been written about the war chapters. This includes spiritual principles, and a sequential listing and analysis of events within the narrative. I think many of these accounts are good but sometimes miss the forest from the trees.

What follows would be a few of ways I approach the study of the war chapters as whole.

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And it starts to see how the entire block signifies larger issues and connects to what happened before and after it. This examination assumes that readers are well aware of spiritual insights within the text. It takes an explicitly academic approach to add vital depth, nuance, and context to the account that we read.

Reading the Book of Mormon for the first time after graduate school was like changing from a black and white television to color and I hope to share those insights with you.

This is an example of how one set of chapters tends to be studied in a vacuum, without asking how it might look as a cohesive whole, and as something that is connected to what happened before and after it. The first is the anthropological model for warfare.

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They forcefully compete for resources like farm land, trade routes, or to avoid famine. This model tends to downplay personal factors like great people see belowin favor of inexorable social factors. To use a modern example, these would be people who argue that the long term trends of the Soviet Union would have led to its eventual collapse because they were failing to compete internationally and ruinous domestic policies.

Examples of this model would include that many verses that refer to Nephite population growth Alma These events point towards an increasing population, expanded wealth, and the competition among the Nephites and Lamanites for it.

A more detailed example is that of the Zoramites.

An analysis of alma chapter 13 in the book of mormon

I discuss this in my first book, how the Zoramite elites wanted to flaunt their wealth and increased status within society Alma But this clashed with the egalitarian nature of Nephite kingship Alma This contrasted a great deal with King Benjamin who emphasized how he farmed with his own hands and the humility of serving one another Mosiah 2: This compares with the Mesoamerican system that emphasized wealth and equated it with power during this period.

Thucydides account of the Peloponnesian war is the classic tale of interstate Gospel Library Scriptures Book of Mormon Alma 7 Search for: Search.

Hide Footnotes: Print THE BOOK OF ALMA THE SON OF ALMA CHAPTER 7 15 Yea, I say unto you come and fear not, and lay aside every sin. May 01,  · The following discussion represents an interesting analysis, as the 'weights and measures' that are still used today are compared to the description of the 'weights and measures' in the Book of Mormon.

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Royal Skousen devotes three and a half pages of discussion on this name in Analysis of Textual Variants of the Book of Mormon, Part Four, Alma (FARMS, ), pp.

The last part of his discussion considers three possibilities. Book of Mormon Lesson 7: 2 Nephi 2 Nephi Chapter 3 Layer 1: Lehi gives a farewell blessing to his youngest son, Joseph A.

The 4 Josephs--Who are they? B. Joseph who was sold into Egypt received great visions of the future. "Weighing and Measuring in the Worlds of the Book of Mormon" by John W.

An analysis of alma chapter 13 in the book of mormon

Welch Journal of Book of Mormon Studies 8, no. 2 (). This article addresses the seemingly misplaced discussion of weights and measures in the middle of Alma 11 in the Book of Mormon. Read Alma Chapter 12 from the story My Book of Mormon Series by acinromancelover (Valerie McKay-Harvey) with 8 reads.

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