An experiment on how to make protein extracts

Plain protein powder contains up to 5 grams of protein per tablespoon; it helps repair your muscles after a tough workout. Unfortunately, protein powder can have an unpleasant, bitter flavor and metallic aftertaste.

An experiment on how to make protein extracts

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Nonetheless it is a major, and potentially important, scientific undertaking. Just as the genome is the complete set of an organism's DNA, the proteome is all the proteins expressed in an organism.

Why study the proteome? It is because proteins are the work horses of biological systems, performing all of the biochemical functions necessary to maintain cellular metabolism, architecture, and growth.

Different tissues are made up of certain cell types that each have a unique population of proteins that make up the cellular environment. Because of this, different cell types have a unique protein profile, or fingerprint.

That profile may change over time, for example babies and elderly adults may have different brain proteomes, or due to other conditions like diseases. Diseases, like cancer, can cause major changes in the protein profile.

This is exactly the point of the Human Proteome Project, once you know what is normal versus abnormal you can do a better job of understanding the normal state, and diagnosing and even treating disease states. Watch the video to see how one of the participants in the Human Proteome Project, Dr.

In this video Dr. Joshua LaBaer explains why he feels studying proteins is vitally important. Used by permission from Thermo Fisher Scientific, the copyright owner.

With this kit you can purify protein extract from different fish samples provided, run the protein out on a gel as shown in Figure 1and compare the banding patterns between your samples. Can you identify similarities and differences in these organisms' protein profiles, or fingerprints?

Which species have the most similar muscle protein profile? Compare the fish protein profiles against an evolutionary tree.

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Do the data agree? What explanations can you suggest? You can also try this kit on muscle from other species, which you can buy at the grocery store. Use lean cuts of beef, pork, chicken, or lamb.

An experiment on how to make protein extracts

Another idea is to compare the protein profiles of different parts of the body, like chicken muscle, chicken heart, chicken liver, egg white. Do the different cell types have similar or different protein profiles? A further idea would be to use the kit to investigate if the protein profile of a tissue source changes after being treated with some type of chemical or biochemical compound.

Using gel electrophoresis, you can compare the banding patterns of muscle proteins from different fish species on a gel, like the one shown here. Photo courtesy of Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.

Share your story with Science Buddies! Yes, I Did This Project!of experiments. Structure of DNA DNA structure is the same in all organisms.

Despite Avery’s evidence, some scientists insisted that his extract must have contained protein. Summarize List the key steps in the process that Avery’s team used to identify the 4. Chapter 8: From DNA to Proteins. Steps of the experiment Working in teams of four (4), the students must extract DNA from an onion.

This activity takes fifty (50) minutes and only requires kitchen products and laboratory glassware. Spots were selected as being differentially extracted (for the experiment to compare protein extractions) or differentially expressed (to compare the two aphid genotypes, F and SC) if they showed a >fold change in spot density and an ANOVA score of.

protein in a crude tissue extract. To purify this enzyme to homogeneity, % of the protein must be removed, preferably with as little loss as possible of the desired enzymatic activity.

Morning Shock – A cup of protein powder to coconut and chocolate flavor, vanilla extract, cocoa, half a tablespoon of instant coffee, dark chocolate and milk. It’s a new way to start the morning! Protein Smoothie – Fruit (strawberry and currant), natural yoghurt and a cup of protein powder that you prefer.

Protein solubilities differ greatly in ammonium sulfate so it may be beneficial to perform initial experiments to determine the ammonium sulfate concentration at which the protein of interest is precipitated from solution.

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