College admission process

To have transfer work evaluated, official transcripts must be requested from each institution and sent directly to Cochise College.

College admission process

Process and Prep College admissions is all College admission process finding a school that fits you. As an applicant, you are looking for an environment where you can thrive academically and personally, and it is the job of an admission officer to identify students who will make great additions to a unique campus community.

College Planning Your path to college begins your first year in high school as you make yourself college ready. Grades and test scores are important factors in college admission, but admissions officers are also looking for curious and engaged candidates who will round out a diverse first-year class.

Grades Most admissions officers report that, along with your GPAthe rigor of your high school curriculum is the most important element of your college application.

Choose your high school classes carefully. Make sure to challenge yourself with honors classes, AP classes, and IB classes when they are available. Focus on getting good grades, and get homework help when you need it to stay on track.

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Many schools will reward your upward trajectory. Many selective colleges require you to submit SAT Subject Test scoresand some colleges grant course credit for excellent performance.

Good performances on AP exams are one indicator for admissions officers of your potential for achieving in college.

More than 1, colleges and universities accept high scores on AP exams for course credits. The essay sections of both tests are optional, but some colleges may require it. Schools that are test optional do not require standardized test scores as part of a complete application.

Commitment to a sport, hobby, religious organization, or job over four years of high school is key. Colleges would much rather see you excited about a few worthwhile endeavors than marginally involved with a ton of clubs.

The Seaver College Office of Admission is committed to assembling an entering class filled with students who will add value to the Pepperdine community. The Guide to the College Admission Process is based on the original guide by Steven C. Munger, former dean and college counselor at Bridgton Academy (ME). Mr. Munger has served as president of the New England Association for College Admission . Click here to apply Online. ADMISSION PROCEDURE FOR THE ACADEMIC SESSION Students will apply online through our website

Work experience demonstrates maturity and responsibility on your college application. Some students enroll in university programs to start earning college credits. Others volunteer or find a summer job. Whatever you do, your summer activities can make your college application rise to the top of a competitive applicant pool.

College Search No two students are exactly alike, and no two schools are exactly alike. What are the features of your best fit college? Research is a must.

Attend college fairs, consult our college profilesand visit campuses to find and compare potential schools. Check out majors, dorms, clubs, career services, and other key features.

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How many colleges do students apply to? Will you apply early? Many colleges allow applicants to submit their materials for an early deadline sometime in the fall that falls before the regular deadline usually sometime in January or February.

College admission process

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College admission process

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