Critical review of a building

Advanced Search Abstract Purpose: This article is a critical review the history, research evidence, and state-of-the-art technology in interdisciplinary care planning and the written plan of care in American nursing homes. We reviewed educational and empirical literature. Interdisciplinary care planning and the written care plan are mandated processes that are imbedded in the regulatory fabric and routines of the American nursing home.

Critical review of a building

A conceptual framework which integrates various environmental effects is first constructed. Using the framework, I analyze previous findings about environmental effects and posit several propositions for future investigation.

Many retailers acknowledge the importance of store environment as a tool for market differentiation Levy and Weitz Store environment, the physical surroundings of a store, is made up of many elements, including music, lighting, layout, directional signage and human elements, and can also be divided into external environment and internal environment that is, exterior and interior of a store.

The effects of store environmental elements could be complex. Despite numerous studies on store environment, their findings are not enough to provide a detailed understanding of the store environmental effects. By reviewing previous studies on store environment, this article attempts to identify research issues inadequately explored or with conflicting findings, and to posit several propositions for future investigation.

In this review, I include studies that report empirical results or discuss review empirical results of other studies. I used the ProQuest Direct database to search for relevant articles, employing concepts such as store environment and store design, and environmental elements such as music, color and scent, as keywords for the search.

The search mainly covers mjor marketing journals in the period as the articles published in this period would reflect the current, more systematic approach to store environment research.

Critical review of a building

The journals selected for review mainly include the top ten marketing journals based on the survey by Hult, Neese and Bashaw As some articles selected from these journals also cite other articles from other sources such as Advances in Consumer Research or before the period, I also include in the review some of these articles, considering their contribution to store environment research.

In addition, I also looked into the retail patronage and service quality literature for relevant articles as physical facility is often cited as a factor affecting patronage and service quality evaluation. With the help of the framework, I summarize and discuss previous findings about the store environmental effects, identifying "gaps" not well addressed by previous studies.

Based on these gaps, I posit a number of propositions for future research. Store environment may be studied at different levels of aggregation. At an elementary level, one may examine individual environmental elements, such as music, noise, color, odor and furnishing.

At a more aggregated level, the factor level, one may study these elements as groups factors B for example, the ambient, design and social factors defined by Baker The ambient factor refers to background characteristics, such as temperature, lighting, noise, music and ambient scent; the design factor includes stimuli that exist at the forefront of our awareness, such as architecture, color and materials; and the social factor refers to social conditions represented by the number, type and behavior of customers and employees Baker ; Bitner At the factor level of analysis, researchers manipulate several elements belonging to the same factor to project a particular store image Baker, Levy and Grewal ; Baker, Grewal and Parasuraman For instance, Baker et al.

At an even more aggregated level of analysis, the global level, researchers use the environments of different stores as manipulations. Their focal interest is on the relationship between emotions induced by a particular environment and behaviors in this environment, rather than how the emotions or behaviors are related to the characteristics of the environment Donovan and Rossiter ; Donovan, Rossiter, Marcoolyn andNesdale Certain response of human being to environment may be conditioned or hard-wired in the human brain.

For example, for a store layout in a racetrack form, shoppers may follow the path defined by the layout with little thought or emotion aroused by the layout Levy and Weitz In the environmental psychology literature, Mehrabian and Russell showed that in a variety of settings schools, hospitals, homes, etc.

These studies also show that the emotional response leads to a variety of behaviors and outcomes, such as how long the shoppers stay and how much money they spend inside a store.

Some other studies use other scales that include some emotion measures Bellizzi et al.The only documentation on the building downwash algorithm in AERMOD (American Meteorological Society/U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Regulatory Model), referred to as PRIME (Plume Rise Model Enhancements), is found in the A&WMA journal .

Critical Success Factors (CSF) is used to measure an organization's performance in achieving its mission. In building maintenance, CSF is important as it can identify the cause of failure as well as improving the system.

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