El blog para aprender ingles writing a cover

Teaching native-language literacy first can significantly increase the percentage of Latino immigrants who feel confident enrolling and succeeding in English language classes and other adult education classes. Numerous studies have proven that native language literacy is important for success at learning a second language. One study on Spanish monolingual adult immigrants in Canada concluded that students were unable to fully benefit from adult English as a second language ESL courses due to their lack of basic literacy skills in their native language. Studies on child literacy also provide strong evidence for using native literacy programs—these programs teach learners to read and write in their primary language.

El blog para aprender ingles writing a cover

American Cultural aspectsLesson Plan: AdvancedListeningReading B2C1lesson planlisteningonlinetoolsreadingspeakingwriting Cristina Cabal I know, I know, there is more than one blog post about unusual traditions here, but there are so many of them and they are so much fun to listen to.

Well, this is how I feel when people tell me about unusual customs around the world. So, whenever in the textbook I am following there is a slight reference to unusual traditions, I jump at the opportunity to do something with it.

el blog para aprender ingles writing a cover

Two texts about unusual customs A video about unusual customs with Ellen Degeneres telling the story. What nationality are your manners? How I use Google slides for collaborative projects In this lesson, students will have to: Speaking Display the picture below and ask students in pairs to comment on it.

el blog para aprender ingles writing a cover

After a couple of minutes, get feedback. There is always someone who has read or knows a bit about this custom, mainly because every single time a member of the British Royal family goes to New Zealand this is the most popular picture to take.

In case they know nothing about it, you can tell them this is the Maori way of greeting people, called Hongi. It is used at important ceremonies. Through the exchange of this greeting, one is no longer considered a visitor. Have a brief conversation about the etiquette of kissing in your country Listening: Odd Traditions Around the World 0: Write her name on the board and ask students if they know who she is.

Tell students they are going to listen to a short extract from Ellen Degeneres show about Odd Traditions around the world. I have only used the first two traditions 0: Write Groundhog Day on the board. Tell students this tradition will be mentioned in the video, but they will learn more about it in the next activity.

There are no questions here. The first time you play the video, students will be required to write down the names of the two festivals. The second time, they will have to explain everything they have learned about the two festivals.

Reading about Two Unusual Traditions. Ask students to talk in pairs and get feedback Ask students to work in pairs.Collocations are words that go together to have different benjaminpohle.com former posts we learned some collocations created by the combination of a verb and a noun, like collocations with pay and collocations with do.

In today's post we are learning some collocations with take". Jan 02,  · El Blog para preparar el "writing" de la EOI Soy docente de inglés y entusiasta de los idiomas.

He decidido crear este blog para ayudarte a preparar los exámenes de expresión escrita de los niveles B2 y C1 de la Escuela Oficial de Idiomas.

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I make things. Then I tell you how to make them too, minus the mistakes. And I collect links like they are going out of style. Palabras Clave (Libro + 3 CDs) (El primer Audio Diccionario para aprender el Ingles que mas se usa en Estatdeos Unidos) by VARIOS and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at benjaminpohle.com Aug 04,  · Aprende a tu manera de forma sencilla.

Funciones Adicionales: Blog para comentar y aprender con los usuarios -Examen final con 6 Test de ortografía y más de preguntas Contenido de Aprendizaje: Acentuación -Signos ortográficos -Clases de palabras -Verbos -Otras reglas ortográficas Aplicación sin limitaciones/5().

Esta es una página web absolutamente genial para aprender inglés a través de la música y de tus canciones favoritas. Si estás empecinado en aprender inglés y te apasiona la música, esta página te va a encantar.

ya que te ayuda a aprender inglés a través de las letras (lyrics) de canciones.