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Essay job search

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Child care Prior to a Job search, to ensure uccess, nannies should know what type of position they want to secure and for what type of family they wish to work. Allergies to pets Personal, political or religious convictions Lifestyle preferences Parenting philosophies. Nannies are also encouraged to carefully consider which nanny care model suits them best when searching for a nanny position.

There are three main models of nanny care.

Essay job search

These include custodial care, coordinated care and surrogate care. Nannies who engage in the coordinated model of care are viewed as true parenting partners. Nannies in this model have a voice when it comes to childrearing practices and parenting philosophies.

Their input is not only sought, but highly valued by the parents. In this model of nanny care, the nanny may have limited interaction with her employers and may be left to make almost all decisions for the children in her care.

Nannies who engage in the surrogate model of care may work tor parents who travel extensively, or work in highly demanding Jobs and need a guardian type of caregiver to tend to the children while they are away.

INA recommends that nannies become involved in social, cultural and educational activities not only to maintain and improve their child care skills, but also to enhance their own personal growth and development.

Sug gested activities include attending child development courses, seminars and training programs on the care of children, participation in nanny related organizations and involvement in community affairs and child advocacy groups.

Act as an advocate for young children. INA recommends that nannies be familiar with the signs of child abuse and neglect, and that they be knowledgeable in the procedures for reporting these signs.

Nannies are court mandated reporters and have a professional and ethical obligation to report suspected abuse of any child to the proper authorities. Nannies should ctively promote the optimal development of a child in their care. Relationships With Children Respect each child as a unique individual.

INA recommends that nannies recognize that each child in their care is a unique individual. By providing structure and developmentally appropriate behavior management techniques, nannies build trusting relationships with the children in their care.

Provide developmentally appropriate play and learning experiences. Nannies can promote socialization in young children by providing opportunities for children to interact with their peers through play groups, outings and age appropriate group activities. Create and maintain a safe and healthy environment for children.

INA recommends that nannies promote the physical and emotional wellbeing of children. Nannies are encour aged to partner with parents to create a safe environment for children to learn, play and explore. INA recommends that nannies model appropriate language for children, that they recognize the stages of language development in children and that they en gage the children who are in their care in activities that encourage and promote language development.

Essay job search

Respect the contributions of individuals and organizations involved in professional in-home child care. Maintain high standards ot protessional conduct.

INA recommends that nannies interview prospective employers in person, preferably in the familys home. Nan nies should be cautious when responding to Internet based employment advertisements and should thoroughly pre-screen a family before eeting with them in person.

Respect the familys right to privacy. INA recommends that nannies show good Judgment in maintaining confidentiality about the private lives of the families for whom they work. Request a descriptive, written work agreement detailing conditions of employment.

INA recommends that nannies begin each nanny position with a detailed, written work agreement. Support the childrearing philosophy of the employer.As with the academic job search, be sure to meet all deadlines and include all requested materials.

One common mistake folks make when trying to move from an academic to an alt-ac job search is to assume that it will be easier and/or less time-consuming.

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In addition, I encourage you to establish job alerts. You can set up automatic job searches on LinkedIn, Indeed and other career websites, as well as on specific companies’ job search sites. That will save you time searching the web, as you’ll just get the alerts in your inbox. Since timing is key, I recommend that you set the frequency to daily.

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