Film analysis of black swan

Yes and No - it doesn't say whether she died which is what makes it perfect. It simply says - Realize you desires in life much much before you lay on your death bed.

Film analysis of black swan

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The movie shocked me into silence. I did not have any previous knowledge about the film before I watched it. From the eye-catching poster that Natalie Film analysis of black swan in the middle like a queen, wearing the black swan tutu with all the black feathers surround, I expected it to be an artistic drama.

I was sitting at the back row, holding my scarf to cover my eyes while the scary scene popped out. After the movie, I found myself paralyzed in my perspiration-soaked shirt.

My feeling was as complicated as a farrago: The difficulties was that I could not point out the editing style or ask him to be aware of the changing of camera movements during the film is playing.

We could not stop the film in the middle to analyze the misen-en-scene either. Therefore my teaching process was mainly about memorization and talk. I recalled a particular sequence, asked him questions, and explained my thoughts on the concept that we talked about.

He listened, and gave me feedbacks.

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We did have a really enjoyable and thoughtful conversation about Black Swan. As a fact that I did not have any idea about the film at the first, I asked Vincent to take particular attention to anything he found interesting or strange in the Black Swan.

After the movie, we first talked about our general feelings about the movie. Vincent noticed my strange physical facial expression and he was somehow scared.

He told me that he felt like he was almost sucked into the film, and for some moments he could not even breathe. I was so glad about him having the same feeling as I did. Followed by his answer, I asked him what constituted his feeling and in which moments that he felt most powerful to him. However he was not able to rigorously figure out the traits or factors that make him feel the way he feels.

I feel that I am absorbed into the story and just… Well, everything in the film makes me feel that way. Then I started explained him the basic factors of a movie: Mise-en-scene, camera movement, sound, and editing.

I did not dig too deep for each concept like we did in class because I was worried if he could learn everything at once.

Film analysis of black swan

Therefore I decided to talk about the particular sequence that impressed him the most, and then explain how these cinematic factors contribute to his film experience. For example, there was a sequence where Nina Natalie Portman is taking a bath.

Film analysis of black swan

She starts to see a devilish woman coming to her then quickly disappears. Then she gets out of the bathtub but the devil voice still exists.

She is so terrified. Then she calls her mother. The camera follows her running into different room to find her mother. She enters a room. The fear was so strong that he felt he was hard to breathe. This question was the key in our conversation. The plot and story go alone the same chronicle order.

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Everything follows a linear story line to make the spectator not to aware about the technique but engage into the story. This is why Vincent felt uncomfortable. It was designed to make the spectator re-frame the impression of Nina and the relationship between Nina and her controlling mother, whom seem to be a very sweet caring mother at the first.

Going along with editing, I also talked about the difference between Hollywood continuity editing and Montage. Vincent seemed really into it. After editing, we discussed about mise-en-scene. Vincent loved the term a lot.

He thought the pronunciation was really cool. I also translated the term in Chinese but he thought the French version sounds more elegant and professional.The Black Swan: The impact of the highly improbable. Random House, Taleb has made his living (and a small fortune, now transformed into a large fortune by the market) in an unusual way -- by financial speculation in contexts where he spots a small chance of making a very large  · However, Black Swan is a story about a ballerina, Nina, who is chosen to play both parts of the Black Swan and the White Swan.

The film is about the consequences that a naive girl goes through as she tries to get under the skin of both characters - the white and the black This was my first film/visual analysis, written for my Visual Communication class under the late Ms.

Isabel Kenny when I was in my Sophomore year. This paper is a visual analysis of the first 6 minutes of the movie. Please disregard citation.

· Darren Aronofsky exposed the unseen side of the art of ballet in the movie, "Black Swan." The psychological thriller demonstrates the competitive and demanding atmosphere that each dancer in the ballet world is forced to endure in order to succeed. The movie unfolds around an adaptation of Pyotr Black Swan is a American psychological horror film directed by Darren Aronofsky.

The screenplay was written by Mark Heyman, John McLaughlin, and Andres Heinz, based on an original story by Heinz. The film stars Natalie Portman, Vincent Cassel, Mila Kunis, Barbara Hershey and Winona Ryder.

In Black Swan, and Oscar-winning film, brought the dark and controversial topic of mental illness to the nation’s attention. Black Swan is a haunting film about a young ballerina, Nina--played by Natalie Portman--who is attempting to deal with increasing levels of stress and the pressure to

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