Ivan kupala essay

According to folk legends, the short July night of Ivan Kupala St. John the Baptist — a very popular Slavic holiday -is when fern begins to bloom in the thick of the forest.

Ivan kupala essay

Ksenia Isaeva RBTH Peasants believed that, on Ivan Kupala Night the shortest night of the year they should not sleep, because all the evil spirits were awakened — witches, werewolves, mermaids, snakes, warlocks, mermen and woodland spirits. Ekaterina Mamontova Photos capturing large pagan celebration held last week in Kaluga.

Ivan Kupala is a traditional Slavic holiday. Currently in Russia there are two ways to celebrate it: This latter celebration is sanctioned by the Russian Orthodox Church.

People used to dance around bonfires and jump over them: The one who jumped the highest bonfire was considered to be the happiest person. Ekaterina Mamontova In some regions, people led their cattle through these bonfires to protect them from diseases.

Mothers burned the clothes of their ill children, to burn the illnesses away as well. Ekaterina Mamontova Both summer solstices include numerous Slavic rituals uniting fire and water.

Ekaterina Mamontova In the floral world, fern was connected to legends about treasure. Thanks to the fern flowers, which blossom for only several moments at midnight on Ivan Kupala Day, all the buried treasures could be seen, no matter how deep they were in the ground.

Practically everyone took part in this feast. It was also essential for each person to be an active participant in all the ceremonies and rites.Officially recognized Russian holidays include New Year's, Christmas, Protector of the Motherland Day, International Women's Day, Spring and Labor Day, Victory Day, Russia Day and Unity Day.

Ivan kupala essay

Unofficial Russian holidays like Easter, Maslenitsa, Ivan Kupala, and Cosmonaut Day are also celebrated. Night on the Eve of Ivan Kupala. This is me, standing on other side of a pond, watching how young folks celebrating Ivan Kupala. It is one of the most ancient Slavic feasts.

Slavic holiday Ivana Kupala: history and traditions Ivana Kupala is a Ukrainian summer fest where love, magic, happiness, pagan and Christian traditions are combined. So what is . Ivan Kupala night: Praying to pagan gods and saving the Slavic spirit.

Culture Ivan Kupala Day was the most important holiday of the year. Practically everyone took part in this feast.


The merry Ivan Kupala. June "Look, Petro, you’re right on time: tomorrow’s Ivan Kupala’s day. One night and one and only night when the fern blooms. Russian Folk Calendar: The Invented Tradition in the Popular Culture (essay, in English) Russian Folk Calendar: The Invented Tradition in the Popular Culture (essay, in English) Download.

Russian Folk Calendar: The Invented Tradition in the Popular Culture (essay, in English) Maslenitsa and Ivan Kupala.

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