Lesson plan for writing a letter of complaint

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Lesson plan for writing a letter of complaint

Public transit agencies that provide fixed route transportation to the general public must ensure the provision of paratransit service to people with disabilities who are unable to use the fixed route system. Because the ADA requires paratransit service only for people who are unable to use the fixed route service due to a disability, eligibility determination focuses solely on the person's functional ability to use the fixed route service.

This Topic Guide on Eligibility for ADA Paratransit [4] first addresses the ADA eligibility rules, then offers important best-practice do's and don'ts, and analyzes the eligibility process. Subsequent sections explain what else applicants, riders, and advocates need to know, as well as what else transit agencies need to know.

lesson plan for writing a letter of complaint

Then two appendices provide key additional information about ADA paratransit eligibility. An Approach, Guidance and Training Materials. Readers who wish to understand the most authoritative and up-to-date interpretations of the ADA transportation requirements may wish to check both the text and endnotes of this Topic Guide to find specific FTA determinations on particular paratransit eligibility issues.

FTA determinations in ADA compliance reviews indicate key transit agency requirements and responsibilities.

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The determinations FTA makes in its ADA compliance reviews indicate key transit agency requirements and responsibilities that are important for transit agencies to implement.

FTA Recommendations identify one possible way to address the Findings.


Many of the reviewed agencies have implemented service improvements since the time of their reviews. Eligibility Categories The ADA establishes three general eligibility categories, or three general criteria for determining which riders are eligible for ADA paratransit.

Can't Navigate the System Independently A person who cannot navigate the transit system without assistance is eligible for ADA paratransit.

A person who cannot navigate the transit system without assistance is eligible for ADA paratransit. An individual with a cognitive disability, if he doesn't know where to get off the bus.

A person with a vision disability who cannot travel in an unfamiliar location or cannot navigate complex transfers. A person whose lack of manual dexterity and lack of balance makes her unable to stand up and hang on, so she always needs a seat on the bus or train since a seat cannot always be guaranteed.

Bus drivers vehicle operators are required to provide assistance with the use of accessibility equipment on the vehicle, such as lifts, ramps, securement devices, and so forth. The need for this assistance is not a basis for paratransit eligibility, as long as the required assistance is actually provided.

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Needs an Accessible Vehicle Also eligible are people with disabilities who can use accessible buses—that is, vehicles with lifts, ramps, or other boarding assistance devices—when they want to travel on routes that are still not fully served by accessible buses, or when their bus stop is not accessible due to physical characteristics of the stop.

Inaccessible bus routes or bus stops trigger eligibility. The Department of Transportation DOT regulation Appendix D, which provides interpretive guidance on the regulation, states that a bus route as accessible when all buses scheduled on the route are accessible.

A route with every other bus accessible is not fully accessible. So a person in this eligibility category who travels in that route's corridor would have paratransit eligibility until every bus on every run is accessible.

In addition, if the lift or ramp on a vehicle cannot be deployed at a particular stop, an individual with a disability who needs to use the lift or ramp at that stop is eligible for paratransit under this category. However, the ADA contains strict rules about buses serving every stop with the lift or ramp.

The transit agency may not refuse to permit a passenger who uses a lift or ramp to board or disembark from a vehicle at any designated stop unless the lift cannot be deployed at the stop, or unless the lift will be damaged if it is deployed, or unless all passengers are precluded from using the stop due to temporary conditions at the stop that are not under the control of the transit agency.Week 8 Lesson Plan, Letter Writing (Inquiry) How I Taught My Grandmother to Read.

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This is a lesson plan designed to prepare students to tackle formal letter of complaint tasks that can come up in both parts of the CAE writing paper. Here is the link to the first handout which contains an example of a formal letter of complaint on page 2. The Power Point presentation goes through the key aspects of writing a letter of complaint.

The lesson was originally aimed at FS English level 1 and 2 students but can be adapted to other levels. Activities include: Main letter wri 3/5(1).

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