Newspaper article writing activity

Search Ten Great Activities: Teaching With the Newspaper Ten terrific classroom activities that use the newspaper to teach all sorts of valuable skills -- including reading and writing for meaning, map reading, media literacy, sequencing, word meaning, and math. Before the advent of NIE, newspapers tended to be used only by secondary school social studies teachers in two-week units or for Friday current events sessions.

Newspaper article writing activity

Guidelines on Writing Newspaper Articles Purpose In this guide we provide basic tips on how to write a newspaper article, links to additional resources on how to write a newspaper article as well as a template Parts of Newspaper Article A newspaper article is usually constituted by five key parts: The headline is a short, attention getting statement about the event The byline tells who wrote the story The lead paragraph contains the what happened, where and when did it happen, who was involved, how did it happen, why is it newsworthy?

Answers to these questions must be written in the opening sentences of the article and often provide the basis as to whether the reader continues with the rest of the story or not.

Depending on the context of the event, it could include direct quotes from the researchers, study participants and or community stakeholders. The additional information part contains those details that are of least importance.

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In other words, these are details that even if the editor opted to delete from the article, the author would not have to rewrite it so as to convey the intended meaning. How to Write a Newspaper Article Compile a Fact list A fact list is an outline of all the pertinent facts and information that one needs to include in the article.

Compiling a fact list is important to write a clean, succinct article and reduce chances of leaving out any relevant information about the topic or story. Use the inverted pyramid format it is advisable to use the inverted format.

This means that the most important vital facts should be mentioned first and the less important facts come later in the article.

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The first paragraph must more important than the second paragraph and the second paragraph more important that the third and so on. Check facts before concluding Read over the article and where necessary provide support for all claims.

Include names, dates and contact information or address. Remain unbiased A news article is meant to convey direct facts, not the opinions of its writer.

Keep your writing unbiased and objective. Avoid any language that is overly positive or negative or statements that could be construed as support or criticism. Concluding your article Make sure your news article is complete and finished by giving it a good concluding sentence.

This is often a restatement of the leading statement or a statement indicating potential future developments relating to the article topic. Keep it simple No big words!

Every time is the first time Provide background information. When writing about the latest in a series of events, do not assume precursory knowledge. Assume the reader is picking up the newspaper for the very first time, with no prior knowledge about a situation References and additional resources 1.

Westwood B, Westwood G: Assessment of newspaper reporting of public health and the medical model: American Journal of Public Health82 5:Tips in Writing NEWS Spell out numbers [ Nine students attended the event] Numbers 10 and above should be written in figures unless it is used to begin a sentence [ the school sent 15 students to the event] [Fifteen students were sent to attend the event].

newspaper article writing activity

Unit B: Become a Journalist. High Five Unit B: Page 2 High Five: Unit B / Table of Contents Student activity pageā€”Each lesson has one or more activity pages that guide students different skills in analyzing the structure of newspaper writing just because it is delivered over the Internet.

Writing a Newspaper Article. Teach students to turn their research and interviews into vibrant, interesting stories. Grades.

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You want to make sure your writing tells a story with a beginning, middle, and end. Also, check to make sure you have at least two good quotes in it if at all possible.

Blank Newspaper Newspaper Article Template Newspaper Report School Newspaper Writing Activities Teaching Writing Writing Ideas Teaching Ideas Expository Writing Forwards newspaper template free Free Printable Newspaper Article Template was just making my own.

Newspaper Game for Kids. Check out this fun newspaper game for kids. Practice your headline writing with a series of interactive challenges designed to help students understand how good news headlines and comments should be written.

This particular worksheet uses a newspaper article to get students to think about traffic police. It includes a range of activities including a true or false section, a role play, and a writing activity.5/5(3).

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