Oboden ibru business plan

We take no liability whatsoever on those comments. Even his mom after her short spell in incarceration and his other equally handsome brother Oboden, who was a boss at their then family owned bank Oceanic Bank, have both gone on to live very hush-hush lives devoid of all the razzmatazz of yore. At the height of their glory or better still in their glory days, Obaro being the friend of many of the most happening guys and ladies then and him being the very definition of the young, rich, handsome, stylish and very upwardly mobile was a regular fixture and feature at all the right parties, events and occasions. He was the ultimate "style god" and party lord, holding all the ladies spellbound with his overall package and then he later married a stunner or should we say near goddess of a wife too, making it all a total package.

Oboden ibru business plan

oboden ibru business plan

It was gathered that 16 children of the deceased business magnet are engaged in a legal tussle over their paternity identity and multi-billion naira property left behind by their father. Oboden Ibru had approached the Igbosere High Court, Lagos, for a declaration, among others, that he and his 15 other siblings are entitled to the estate of their father.

The claimant is also seeking a declaration that the judgment delivered by Justice John Tsoho of the Federal High Court, Lagos, on April 17, remains valid and subsisting, having not been set aside by any court of competent jurisdiction.

Oboden is also asking for an order appointing himself, seventh defendant, Christiana, first defendant, Oskar and eighth defendant, Jero, as administrators of the Ibru estate and an order directing them to apply to the 16th defendant for the grant of letters of administration for the estate.

An order of the court appointing Messrs.

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PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited to conduct a forensic audit of the shareholdings and assets, whether real or personal, belonging to the estate of the late Ibru in Oteri Holdings and any other company in Nigeria.

The audit, was also prayed, to be conducted on anywhere such assets may be located, discovered or found in the world and submit such report to the Registrar of the court within 90 days of the order and the cost of such exercise to be borne by the administrators so appointed herein.THE remains of foremost business mogul and patriarch of the Ibru family, Olorogun Michael Ibru, were, yesterday, laid to rest at his Agbarha-Otor country home, Ughelli North Local Government Area.

Former Oceanic Bank MD Cecilia Ibru lost her son Rode Ibru recently. Rode, a filmmaker, died in June and was buried two days ago. His brother Obaro Ibru & friends announced his passing on social. • The current director of the Ethos-backed Oceanic Bank, Oboden Ibru, and the Bank’s former CEO and director, Cecilia Ibru, are currently facing money-laundering charges in Nigeria.

Barely six months after patriarch of the Ibru clan and billionaire, Michael Ibru passed on, peace seems to have eluded the Ibru family. Multiple court cases have been filed by his children over assets he left behind..


Leading one camp of the family, is Oboden Ibru. • The current director of the Ethos-backed Oceanic Bank, Oboden Ibru, and the Bank’s former CEO and director, Cecilia Ibru, are currently facing money-laundering charges in .

oboden ibru business plan

Michael Ibru Five months after Olorogun Michael Ibru ‘s death, sixteen of his children have filed suits and countersuits over the sharing of his multi-billion Naira estate.

Michael Ibru laid to rest amidst encomiums, tributes - Vanguard News