Orchestra concert review

Moving from the austere, ponderous setting of the monastery to the decadent hedonism of Alexandria and back across the brutal desert, it is all in the music. Add to this a cast whose familiarity with their roles allowed them to interact freely and the result was a highly satisfying presentation.

Orchestra concert review

When you think of such shows, certain bands immediately come to mind. A sold out crowd was treated to some holiday music performed in the signature TSO way to bring those tunes to life. An enthralling mix of the classical and metal genres, their music is powerful and inspiring and just a lot of damn fun to watch happen.

Spectacle seems like a bit of a cumbersome word to describe the event, but it is truly the only one that does the show justice.

While the music is certainly the centerpiece of what makes TSO tick, the stage show is a breathtaking mix of lights and fog, flames and explosions that lend even more power to the music erupting from the stage. A seasoned team of incredibly talented musicians weaved the audience through what was a two-act presentation of fire breathing holiday music.

Click on album to purchase from iTunes Their new album, Letters from the Labyrinth, which is the first release from them in seven years, was well represented in this segment. This also gave the band reason to bring a special, and highly anticipated, guest to the stage.

Her powerful, raspy voice bounced off the walls of Quicken Loans Arena and transfixed everyone listening. This was truly a powerful performance and one of my favorite moments from the show.

The whole time this thundering music was assaulting our ears, our eyes were being entertained with a mix of lasers, lighting, pyro, fireworks, and fog that in and of itself was almost too much to comprehend. It was an incredible, perfectly choreographed dance of light and music that had everyone I looked at grinning from ear to ear.

When you ad in the stage presence of the band, it is a perfect recipe for rock and roll heaven. Indoor fireworks, colored flames —lit up the arena; it was complete insanity and completely awesome. There is not any other way to put it, and for a few hours I was completely transfixed, and once again was 16 years old watching my metal heroes own the stage.

This show was too much fun to actually put into words, but I can tell you this, you need to make a pact with yourself right here, right now, go see Trans Siberian Orchestra at least once.

Orchestra concert review

Check out the photo album for just a small taste of what a TSO experience is all about. Connect with Trans-siberian Orchestra click icons:Oct 06,  · SPRINGFIELD – Maestro Kevin Rhodes and the Springfield Symphony Orchestra raised the rafters of Symphony Hall Saturday in the opening concert of the SSO’s 70th anniversary season.

Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra review – US heritage to the fore in stylish set The opening work of the concert was a work by another American, Leonard Bernstein. His Symphonic Suite from the. Trans-Siberian Orchestra Music has played annually at outdoor firework displays, including in Malta, Santa Manira Festival, Dallas and Almaty, Kazakhstan (Source: Wikiepdia).

The beginning of the show started out with a video clip on the big screen behind the stage. Jan 20,  · Boston, Boston Art, Boston Fine Arts, Boston Music, Boston Symphony Orchestra, Classical Music, music, music review, New England Music, orchestra A ‘Casual Friday’ Event.

Orchestra concert review

It’s been ten months since my last visit to Symphony Hall in Boston, Massachusetts. Concert review | Bernstein Centennial. Grand finale earns standing ovation from audience. The orchestra did some of its best section playing in Charles Harmon’s Suite from Candide. Nov 09,  · The maestro Riccardo Muti brought the Chicago Symphony Orchestra to Carnegie Hall for three concerts, a master class and a side trip to Bellevue .

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