Personal taxation in india

Tax law[ edit ] Indian tax law involves several different taxes levied by different governments. Customs and excise duties are also levied by the Central government. Sales tax is levied under VAT legislation at the state level.

Personal taxation in india

Taxable income Taxable income generally comprises 10 main types of income: Income not subject to tax generally includes: Employment one-off regional transfer allowances for: The dependent allowance is not automatically granted, and the taxpayer needs to register qualifying dependents and provide supporting documents to the tax authority; and contributions to certain approved charities.

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PIT administration Individual tax code: Any individual present in Vietnam who has taxable income must obtain an individual tax code. Those who have taxable employment income must submit the tax registration file to their employer; the employer will subsequently submit this to the local tax office.

For individuals with taxable non-employment income, they must submit their tax registration file directly to the district tax office. PIT declaration and payment: The total income withheld must be finalized no later than 90 days after the end of the western calendar year.

Expatriate employees are also required to carry out a PIT finalization on termination of their Vietnamese assignments before exiting Vietnam. Tax refunds due to excess tax payments are only available to those who have a tax code.

For non-employment income, the individual is required to declare and pay PIT in relation to each type of taxable non employment income. The PIT regulations require income to be declared and tax paid on a regular basis, often each time income is received.

Personal taxation in india

For tax residents who have overseas income, any PIT paid in a foreign country is creditable against tax paid in Vietnam subject to certain tax administration procedures. The Vietnamese tax year is the calendar year.


Subsequently, the tax year is the calendar year.Tax Residence Categories. Expats will fall into one of three tax residence categories in India. These categories are the primary criterion used to determine what income a person must pay tax on - their worldwide income or the income accruing and arising in India.

The Massachusetts Department of Revenue manages state taxes and child support. We also help cities and towns manage their finances. Tax: All about taxation in India. Check types of taxes with examples Tax News & Notifications Helpful Tips Tips to save Tax on your Financial Year.

it may be so that a car provided by the company and used for both personal and official purposes is eligible for tax whereas a car used only for official purposes is not.

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5. The Income Tax Slabs applicable for the Financial Year and Financial Year are as follows: Income Tax Slab Rates for & The Income Tax Slab Rates are different for different categories of taxpayers.

Taxation of individuals in India is primarily based on their residential status in the relevant tax year. The residential status of individuals is determined independently for each tax year and is ascertained on the basis of their physical presence in India during the relevant tax year and past years.

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