The coming of age in the novel my antonia

Josiah and Emmaline Burden Jim's grandparents, who live on a farm in Nebraska. Burden is 55 when her grandson arrives. This is the first time they see him, having moved to Nebraska ten years earlier. Burden is a religious Protestant and a successful farmer, who becomes a deacon in the Baptist church when they move to town.

The coming of age in the novel my antonia

Immigration debates flood news sources today, but the realities experienced by those who flee their homes in search of new opportunities — even political asylum — oftentimes end up shoved to the margins. Though mostly fiction, the following literary works offer up a valuable, varied glimpse into what life is like in America for immigrants and their families.

Many of them emphasize familiar themes regarding balances between old and new, allegiances to family and the unique hardships faced once settled. Do not think this list comprehensive. Plenty of other excellent books exist out there to educate an open-minded populace about the issue from the perspective of those it impacts most.

This is merely a sampling of some of the most notable examples. The progressive Drude Krog Jansen writes of a strong, self-reliant female protagonist who immigrates from Norway to Minneapolis following the family bankruptcy.

The coming of age in the novel my antonia

It brings readers to the squalid fringes of society and shows them the dire consequences of marginalizing peoples of different backgrounds and opinions.

A Girl of the Streets by Stephen Crane: Along with addressing the issues faced by Irish immigrants to America, Stephen Crane also used Maggie: A Girl of the Streets as a commentary on industrialization and an experimentation in naturalistic writing.

The Jungle by Upton Sinclair: Upton Sinclair really meant for The Jungle to be seen as a socialistic treatise on the marginalized state of immigrants. Spring Fragrance by Sui Sin Far: Edith Maude Eaton, under her nom de plume of Sui Sin Far, split this short story collection into two parts — one catering to adults, the other children.

Both sections revolve around the theme of how Chinese immigrants coped with their lives on a new continent and related to and differentiated from Europeans in the same situation. Born in Russia, the eponymous character comes of age amongst severe poverty and hardship before sailing to New York and growing progressively more embroiled in its culture.

My Antonia by Willa Cather: Protagonist Jim Burden befriends a pair of immigrant maids, recounting their lives growing up together in Nebraska.

The coming of age in the novel my antonia

In a rather different twist to the familiar theme, the experience of European women comes relayed through the lens of an American man. Bread Givers by Anzia Yezierska: Peer into the lives comprising a Jewish-American immigrant family, whose poverty and insistence on tradition most notably when it comes to arranged marriage ignite a fair amount of consternation.

Giants in the Earth by Ole Edvart Rolvaag: Call It Sleep by Henry Roth: Christ in Concrete by Pietro Di Donato: In this fiery social justice novel, the story of an Italian-American breaking his back on an exceptionally hazardous construction sites sheds light on both the immigrant and working-class experiences.

Lolita by Vladimir Nabokov: Many readers get so caught up in the thoroughly twisted pedophiliac relationship at the center of the novel, they forget Lolita can also be approached as a work of immigrant literature.

Slimy Humbert Humbert, after all, begins losing some of his European airs after settling in America. The Assistant by Bernard Malamud: A young Italian-American man takes a job at a Jewish-American grocery store, with the similarities and differences in their cultural and immigrant experiences explored along the way.The Fine Print *Entrants of all giveaways hosted at The Novel Approach must be 18 years or older to qualify *All contest comments must be relevant to the author’s prompt to be eligible (when applicable).

My Antonia Questions and Answers. The Question and Answer section for My Antonia is a great resource to ask questions, find answers, and discuss the novel. Get the summaries, analysis, and the coming of age in the novel my antonia quotes you need · "My Antonia" is a very lovely novel authored by Willa Cather.

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