Todays celebrities good or bad influences essay

This article has been updated. Please read it here: Social media is a good thing or a bad thing? That is the most frequently asked question today.

Todays celebrities good or bad influences essay

Granted, Taylor Swift has done well for herself and has still maintained the Miss Goody Two shoes persona. That said, so has Miley; only that Miley has decided to dress the way she wants which in most cases, I must admit, is not for the faint hearted; leading people to brand her uncultured and a bad influence.

Now, if you follow the world of entertainment very closely, you know that is quite rare. But no, people choose to focus on the stuff that Cyrus does on stage and her penchant for half nakedness.

In fact, she was so fed up with this role model talk that she called on parents to take more responsibility for parenting their own children and not put so much pressure on her to be a role model because she just wants to live her life.

Todays celebrities good or bad influences essay

And I agree with her. Many young people today look up to sports, movie and music stars as their heroes. Such people have a great influence on those who look up to them. Celebrities are human beings that have an exceptional talent but not above anybody to the point where we should idolize them.

Television has now made it even more complicated. But not all is lost. Nature and Nurture are important. As the society continues to rot thanks to the downhill trend of values and morals, it is important to keep your children grounded.

Your children are your responsibility.

Todays celebrities good or bad influences essay

It is human nature to want to look up to people. I think that the best role models are people who possess qualities we admire, like passion, hard work or determination. Often times, celebrities only let the public see their facade which means that we the audience, never get to see what they really are.

Just because someone is famous and rich in the public eye, does not mean that they have done something worthy to be there. There are however, so many reasons why celebrities are bad role models especially to our kids that it sometimes seems puzzling that anyone should look up to them.

Society sometimes makes us forget that celebrities are humans too and not angels. It is unfair to expect to be infallible and hold them up to scrutiny but of course with children, you cannot rule this out. The problem we face with having celebrities as role models is that if they start endorsing issues which are not positive, it can very easily lead our children astray.

As children grow up seeing inappropriate actions and pictures, they will believe that behaving like such celebrities is right.Today’s Celebrities: Good or Bad Influences Essay.

A+. Pages:2 Words This is just a sample. To get a unique essay hysterical, depending on the person. In a world where social media has become a center for passing information, could celebrities be a positive or negative influence on us?

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Today’s Celebrities: Good or Bad. Today’s Celebrities: Good or Bad Influences Essay. Categories. Free Essays; Tags. In today’s society. at that place seems to be an dismaying rise of tendencies. This tendency doesn’t seem to impact a specific age or gender.


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Today’s Celebrities: Good or Bad Influences Essay Example | Graduateway Comments Read by 19, people Our hearts go out to the families of those slain in the senseless shooting this morning at Sandyhook Elementary school in Newtown, Connecticut. At least 27 people, including 18 children, have been killed.

Good Influences Or Bad Role Models Media Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Even if it’s only a quarter of the sample or so, we have more than enough roughshod celebrities to make a good sample-size.

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long wave). After the implementation of the Copenhagan Plan in the English programmes of Radio Luxembourg moved (July 2, ) from longwave to the famous metres ( kHz; in kHz.) medium wave. Speaking to myself, I think celebrities are both good and bad.

it's depend on the ways we learn and imitate them btw, Taylor Swift is my idol, and she have a good effect on me. She is a really good girl!

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