Victims of crime essay

The prosecutor always must keep in mind of the alternative sanctions in which the defense attorney will definitely try to get the best interest for the criminal. The defense attorney role is to try and make the criminal innocent and with much effort even when there is substantial evidence against the criminal the defense attorney is looking for the best well-being for the client and all alternative sanctions that may be in place for the criminal and if all else fails the defense attorney is looking for the less sentence as possible for the criminal and not to say that the defense attorney has no remorse for the victim but still feels that the criminal should have alternative sanctions when it comes to the sentence such as possible parole in five years if convicted, probation, or register as a sex offender and it all depends on the case that is being tried at the time and with most cases that involves victims the defense attorney has the right to cross examine the victim and it makes them relive the torture or it may cause the case to go into another direction that may make the criminal look guilty.

Victims of crime essay

Victims of crime essay

Rape According to the Lifestyle Theory a persons lifestyle can contribute to their victimization. Behaviors such as going out late at night, associating with young men, and residing in cities increases the chances of falling victim to sexual assault. Therefore, one can reduce their chance of becoming a victim of sexual assault by staying home at night, living in a suburban area, avoiding public areas, and getting married.

The lifestyle theory states that a person is more likely to become a victim of a crime if the individual is living a high-risk lifestyle Siegel, The victim might be less likely to realize a dangerous situation.

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Also, the ore time someone is exposed to street life, the greater their chance of becoming victims. As in the case of runaways, who have a very high risk of victimization. Those who participate in criminal behavior increase their chances of becoming victim of crimes as well Siegel, While victims of sexual assault are often blamed for the crimes committed to them, society as a whole is much more sensitive to victims of the these crimes than ever before.

Jurors are more able to see the victims without blame. Police departments have special training and Special Victims Units to better deal with victims. So finally our Justice system does recognize that victims also have rights. For thousands of years, victims of sexual assaults were blamed.

In some countries today, rape victims are still punished or killed after they are raped. The Lifestyle Theory does give society some idea of activities that should be avoided to reduce the chance that a person will become a victim.

I do believe that sometimes the victims of sexual assault made poor lifestyle choices Siegel, Deliverable Length: pages Evaluate one program designed for victims of crimes. Include in your answer the history, goals and objectives of the program. The history, goals and objectives should be from 2 to 3 pages.

The last part of the paper should include your detailed suggestions to improve the program.

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Your suggestions should be . Victim Within The Criminal Justice System Criminology Essay. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: Victims of violent crime may suffer financial stress as well as suffering from their injuries and emotional trauma. Recovering from violence or abuse can have effect on them for the rest of their lives as they could live in fear and suffer.

Crime, Crime And Crime Words | 7 Pages. large and dramatic drop in not only its victims of crime but also the amount of crimes that have been reported to the local police, even though this community already has extraordinary low crime states.

This victims and crime evaluation paper will give the principles associated with the word “victim” and provide the history of victims’ assistance programs. Moreover, the paper will evaluate how the first program initiated other victims ’ assistance programs to further assist victims of crime.

Victims of Crime Act Essay Enacted in October , the Victims of Crime Act (VOCA) fundamentally changed the way the United States responds to crime victims by providing ongoing federal support for services and programs that help victims rebuild their lives. As we previously mentioned, there are many types of victims when it comes to crime, and usually the person’s role within, and there perspective of the criminal justice system will change depending of the circumstances of each case.

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